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Board game zone at “Nyaaa! 2017” Part 1

This year “Nyaaa!” Board game zone is being taken by storm! Tabletop gaming shop and club Rikis is bringing a vista of fun and exciting games for all of you to enjoy. From fast paced party games to cooperative or competitive strategic and tactical games. You’ll be able to try out such classics as CASH N’ GUNS, PANDEMIC, ADVENTURE TIME LOVE LETTER, ISLE OF THE SKYE, or try out some of the more recent games like CODENAMES, CODENAMES PICTURES, SHEEP THIEF, CLINK CLANG CLUNKER, MINECRAFT THE CARD GAME. And that’s only a portion of what Rikis is bringing!

To top it all off, you’ll get a chance to try out the award winning miniature wargame WARMACHINE, where you control a battle mage and their retinue of steam and magic powered automatons called warjack in an exciting and engaging clash between two players on an impressive landscape.

If you think that’s it, you’d be mistaken – there will be surprises in the board game zone where you could win various prizes, so be sure to check it out!


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