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“Nyaaa!” is waiting for you!

We are very proud and happy to be able to announce that „Nyaaa!“ is rapidly growing and this year we will have „Cosplay zone“ at Utenos Kultūros centras and „Chill zone“ at Creative Industries Center „Taurapilis“

„Cosplay zone“ will offer you to visit „Art alley“, interesting lectures, official photo-wall of „Nyaaa! 2016”, sellers’ booths, and of course the most important part – COSPLAY performances.

But if you are interested how it feels to be in a virtual reality, or want to try your skills at computer gaming, or want to know the latest news from gaming world – it is a must for you to visit Gaming Culture Show’s “GameOn” stand at our “Chill zone”

At “Chill zone” you will also find board games from our friends – Board Games and Hobby center “Rikis”.

“Klaipėdos stalo žaidimų klubas“ will lead you to Warhammer 40k world and will organize a workshop for miniature painting. You will also have a possibility to buy some board games and „Games Workshop“ or „Magic: The Gathering“ goods. Don‘t forget to bring your own MTG deck and play with friends!

“Lietuvos GO asociacija” will teach you some secrets of traditional Japanese board game GO.

We cannot wait to see you all in Utena on June 25-26!

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