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TEEZKUT – cosplay contest judge from Estonia

Nomad is an extremely powerful warrior-mage who siphons souls from the Soul Obelisk to increase his power. He was orphaned at a young age and the resulting grief drove him insane…. wait what.. scroll a little back…

…..That’s better, lets start over again…..

Teezkut is from Viljandi, he is a graphic designer student, studying in Tartu Art School and currently being abroad in Finland, taking stage prop crafting courses. He is a total gaming geek! While loving Pokemon and Super Mario games, he hasn’t still forgotten Runescape! All his Cosplays are coming from that game. While talking about cosplays, he is a quickly rising star in cosplay world, that nobody knew nothing about until he attended Animatsuri, held in Estonia, back in 2014 and won “Best Cosplay in Show” award with his Sirenic Ranger costume. The very same year he won 1st. place in “Best Male Cosplay” category at Runefest, London. Not long after that, at year 2015, he attended Animatsuri again, this time as Malevolent Warrior and won first place in “EuroCosplay” category, thus being Estonias representative and a finalist at MCM London Comic Con.  But the year wasn’t over for him just yet. As you could tell, he also likes to travel a lot! So he went back to London to attend Runefest again, and came home with another Golden Gnome that he got in “Best Male Cosplay” category. And since its not still far from over. He went to Lithuania, to attend GameOn and came back with “3rd place” in top3 and “Audience Favorite” awards. Let’s see what the future holds for him.. Hopefully this quickly rising star wont fade away as fast.. 😉

Cosplayer: Teezkut Photographer: Paul Meiesaar Photography
Cosplayer: Teezkut
Photographer: Paul Meiesaar Photography
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